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Maximise your carbon credits.
Minimise your to do list.

Our Impact to Date

If you have a forest registered in the ETS you must complete a Mandatory Emissions Return.

Save time and your sanity - CarbonCrop keeps carbon simple. Let us do it for you and cross carbon off your to-do list. 


500,000 ha

Land Assessed

Native CCU

1,000 ha

Native Forest Registered


10,000 ha

NZ Forest Submitted

On Track For

320,000 T

Carbon Claimed in 2023


Better for Landholders

Kea Flying_edited.jpg

Better for

There was a real drive with the companies we spoke with to lease our land and plant it in pines, but we were never comfortable with that.

We have 6k acres of native regenerating forest and we thought that should be worth something. 

CarbonCrop is the only company that had the ability to assess its potential."

- Darcy, Wairarapa 

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