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The first step is to understand your options. We use cutting-edge technology to evaluate your land remotely, using past and present satellite imagery. We identify land areas which are already eligible for carbon credits, as well as those with high carbon potential. You also get estimated financial returns for specific land areas.



Every landowner is unique - and so is every block of land. We help you understand the requirements of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the land management implications for your farm or forest.

You decide whether carbon farming is right for you, and if so, which areas to register.



We submit your Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) application and compile all the necessary evidence, land maps and carbon calculations. Many landowners receive an upfront payment, as well as annual carbon credit returns. A small percentage goes to Carboncrop – we get paid only after you do.

We analyse your land
We analyse your land

CarbonCo will automatically find and measure areas of forests on your land.

We detect tree species
We detect tree species

Some tree species sequester more carbon than others

We calculate the value of the carbon
We calculate the value of the carbon

We determine the species of tree for you, and calculate the rate of carbon sequestration

We determine ETS eligibility
We determine ETS eligibility

Not all forest is eligible! CarbonCo works through the eligibility rules and regulations, so you don't have to.

We can claim native bush
We can claim native bush

You don't need to have a plantation to be a carbon farmer. Your wild bush could earn you carbon credits

We identify opportunities
We identify opportunities

No forest yet? You don't need to have an established forest to start claiming carbon credits! Re-generating bush can fall under the definition of forest.





CarbonCrop is based in Nelson, New Zealand. We are a team of engineers who are driven by applying state-of-the-art technology to helping New Zealand industry and society deal with the challenges of climate change and create a future we can all be proud of.

A technology company at heart, we are a recent spinoff from the Nelson Artificial Intelligence Institute, where the core of our solution was conceived. This is the magic that lets us deliver a unique, zero risk solution that can help everyone become a carbon farmer with the vegetation that is already on their land!


Together with landowners around the world, our vision is to pull a billion tonnes of CO out of the atmosphere and lock it up in trees. In the process we will improve agricultural resilience and productivity, restore degraded landscapes, increase biodiversity, and boost farm profitability.


We apply state of the art Artificial Intelligence to a mix of satellite and aerial imagery from the last 40 years, together with climate data, topographic data, soil data etc... all to build a precise picture. Not just what is on your land, but what was there in the past, and what might be there in the future. This lets us provide unparalleled accuracy in carbon forestry applications for your land; we identify more, provide better evidence, and ensure you get everything you're entitled to... and because we can do it all remotely and offer a success guarantee, there's no risk for you as a landowner. We are also FAST.


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