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We had bought a property in 2021 without the intention of applying for the ETS, but asked CarbonCrop to check out its possible eligibility. This was more out of intrigue rather than expectation of any positive outcome. To our surprise we were told that a significant proportion of the property could qualify for carbon credits and Kevin, with considerable patience and knowledge, guided us through the process.
He clearly explained the potential benefits and obligations that we would be committing to if the land was indeed eligible, helped us build the case and submitted the ETS application on our behalf. We would like to sincerely thank Kevin and CarbonCrop for their professionalism in helping us to navigate the complexities of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

— John, West Coast

I decided to register the forest for carbon credits to enable a source of additional income.

CarbonCrop were the first ones I contacted, and were very helpful.

My experience was good and I'd tell anyone considering working with you to go right ahead!

Thanks for steering me through the process and making it all happen painlessly.

— Ron, Northland

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Understanding the economic potential of our native forest is vital to inform our future land use planning.

The process to issue Native CarbonCrop Units was quick, straightforward and has led to a tangible financial outcome, showing us that the station can generate new, conservation-related income streams alongside traditional farming.

— Richard & Sarah, Otago

There was a real drive with the companies we spoke with to lease our land and plant it in pines, but we were never comfortable with that. 

We have 6k acres of native regenerating forest and we thought that should be worth something. 

CarbonCrop is the only company that had the ability to assess its potential.

— Darcy, Wairarapa

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