Buying Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are not all created equal. If you’re buying carbon units to offset your emissions, it’s important to question their source and ensure they align with your values.


Robust & Tracable

Each CCU comes with a location and a unique ID, which can be cross referenced against CarbonCrop’s systems to provide full details of the area of forest, so buyers can be confident in the origins of their offsets, and perform any necessary audits.

100% Native Species

Native CarbonCrop Units are only issued for qualifying carbon sequestration by native tree species.

If detected, exotic species are excluded from the carbon calculations, which discourages wilding pines and incentivises landholders to actively support and protect natives.

Transparent & Auditable

CarbonCrop publicises its methodology, as well as the underlying data that informs the sequestration model and credit issuance. Its certification process is informed by existing best-in-class methodologies and stands up to independent audit.


Buyers choose Native CarbonCrop Units to help support biodiversity and native reforestation across Aotearoa.


Better Forests. Better Offsets.


Offsets You Can Trust

CarbonCrop uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately assess carbon sequestration remotely, offering traceable carbon offsets that you can trust. 

Buyers can be confident that their carbon sequestration will be protected from adverse events, thanks to CarbonCrop’s collective reserve.

Best In Class Methodology

Informed by existing best-in-class methodologies, our certification process stands up to independent audit, which is why brands like Christchurch Airport, Heilala Vanilla and Les Mills are already choosing Native CCU to meet their carbon offset targets.

AI Accuracy

CarbonCrop's AI technology can recognise native regeneration from an early stage and distinguish individual trees, to exclude exotic species from carbon stock calculations.


Using aerial imagery, AI and machine learning technology makes the assessment and certification process highly scalable - without compromising on quality.

CarbonCrop Unit CarbonCrop has partnered with Carbonz to bring buyers and sellers of native carbon credits together. Native Carbon Credits will be available to purchase as offsets through the Carbonz platform. To learn more about how the platform works visit the Carbonz website.