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Are you ready to change the world?

CarbonCrop has a mission to power the economics of natural carbon capture at scale. This means making climate change action accessible, financially attractive and unlocking global supply of high-integrity carbon removal units.


Using remote sensing and artificial intelligence, we are able to measure forest carbon stock and new sequestration across vast areas of land with high precision, high transparency and accountability.

So far we’ve raised US$2.4m, unlocking more than US$14m in carbon project revenue in 2023 (which we take a % share of) and we are proud to say that over 80% of our total project area is high biodiversity, native forests.

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Are you an ideal investor?

We're gearing up for series A and are always keen to hear from investors who recognise the need for a scalable supply of high quality carbon removal offsets and high integrity carbon markets.

If you're interested in investing, please fill out our Expressions of Interest form. Our CEO will reach out for a conversation.

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Scaling our impact

New Zealand has the most mature carbon forestry market in the world, and this has been a great incubator for developing our product and technology capability.

Your investment will be used to scale our product internationally.

Join our backers


Our launch pad.

Focused on the application of AI to global environmental problems. CarbonCrop is a spin-off of NAI, founded by Nick Butcher (CTO), Julian Maclaren (Director), Alexey Rostapshov (Director), Mark Houghton Brown (Directors).


Our team.

We recognise those who are creating value for our company. 


Our first backers.

Investing in deep-tech ventures at an early stage. 

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Our backer.

A charitable trust helping others live socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles.


Our backer.

Invests in New Zealand startups at every stage.


Our backer.

New Zealand's first impact investment fund.

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