Just launched:
Native CarbonCrop Units

We use artificial intelligence to precisely assess carbon sequestration and issue carbon offsets for native forests which the Emissions Trading Scheme fails to recognise.

Availability update 1.7.22: New issuances temporarily on hold, to resume next week.

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For landholders

Earn revenue from 20ha+ of native regeneration on your property


For buyers

Source high-integrity carbon offsets, issued exclusively for native forests


Receive Native CCU for the last five years of carbon sequestration, plus every year that your forest grows

Take meaningful climate action by restoring native forest on marginal land and supporting biodiversity across Aotearoa

Easily sell your offsets via our partner Carbonz, a new marketplace dedicated to native forests

Richard & Sarah Burdon

Glen Dene, a 3,000 hectare high country station in Otago, owned by the Burdon family, was one of the first recipients of Native CarbonCrop Units.


CarbonCrop identified 305 hectares of qualifying native forest and issued credits for 3,100 tonnes of CO2, sequestered over the last four years. The station’s owners have already sold a portion of their credits, earning more than $75,000. 

“Understanding the economic potential of our native forest is vital to inform our future land use planning. The process to issue Native CarbonCrop Units was quick, straightforward and has led to a tangible financial outcome, showing us that the station can generate new, conservation-related income streams alongside traditional farming.”

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Which forests can earn Native CCU?

To ensure our credits are high integrity, we can only register native forests that meet our criteria. Here are some key requirements.

Your forest must be:

  • Located in New Zealand

  • Comprised of qualifying woody native tree species

  • 'Permanent' and not intended for harvesting

  • Actively growing and sequestering new carbon - we can't award CCU to mature forest in a steady state

Your forest must not be:

  • Classified as Post-1989 forest by MfE (Ministry for the Environment)

  • Already registered under the Emissions Trading Scheme

  • Under 20 hectares - at launch we're only registering larger forests

AI-enabled Carbon Offsets

100% Native

We use AI to ensure Native CarbonCrop Units are only issued for qualifying carbon sequestration by native tree species. If detected, exotic species are excluded from our carbon calculations, which discourages wilding pines and incentivises landholders to actively support and protect natives.


We use AI to analyse the species mix, height, density, and growth over time, based on decades of aerial imagery and satellite data. This enables detailed models of carbon stock and carbon sequestration within an area of forest, down to a single square metre of land - so every unit is backed by real, precise carbon sequestration.


Each CCU comes with a location and a unique ID, which can be cross referenced against CarbonCrop’s systems to provide full details of the area of forest, so buyers can be confident in the origins of their offsets, and perform any necessary audits.


If you'd like more detail, we make our full methodology available too.

Do you own 20+ hectares of native forest?


Join the queue to receive a free Land Assessment and find out if you qualify for Native CCU.


At the moment we are only able to register properties with over 20 ha of native forest. We plan to reduce this requirement in the future, so that landholders of all sizes can benefit.

If you don't meet this criteria, you can still request an assessment. We'll review your eligibility for the Emissions Trading Scheme and let you know if you qualify for Native CCU in future.